You Cannot Vote Yourselves Out of This

Here is the latest from Jack Donovan, explaining why no politician can save you. The only chance you have is on a local level with people you can trust. I’d suggest buying more food and ammo while you still can.

“Oh, it matters, Walter. Because when the ‘fuck you’ party that is going for Trump finally figures out that they’ve been duped again because there never was any voting their way out of this to begin with, they will instantly become the ‘I’m gonna get you sucka’ party.” – WRSA Reader


Gun Control is a Steady Hand

A local resident sent a letter to the editor of The World Newspaper. They ended up not only publishing it online but put it on the front page as well. The stupid is strong with this one:

As the line from the movie says, “you never go full retard”. Here is my response:

In her recent letter to the editor, Sharon Ramirez laments the fact that after yet another massacre, the Republican Party refuse to pass gun control.

She then claims that the gun dealer who sold to Omar Mateen should accept responsibility. All the Progressives insist that we need thorough background checks for all guns sales, yet when a gun dealer completes the required background check (which the suspect passed) she believes the incident is somehow their fault?

Later on she claims that Middle Easterners who travel back and forth between their country and ours should not be allowed to buy “weapons of mass destruction”. Perhaps she has forgotten the principles of “due process” and “rule of law” (or she never knew them in the first place). If a person is otherwise legally allowed to own a firearm, traveling to the Middle East may be a very good reason to keep an eye on them, but it does not arise to the level of “probable cause” and it is most certainly not enough to deny them their Constitutional rights.

Finally, she says she can’t imagine how a gun dealer could sell weapons to a Middle Eastern man. She has always been a little unhinged but now she has become a full blown racist. Sharon, do you realize that there are plenty of people from the Middle East that are not Muslims? Have you ever seen a native Jew with dark skin? Have you heard of the Maronite Christians, who are Arabic-speaking Catholics?

None of these people have ever committed a terrorist attack and when they immigrate to our country deserve the same rights and protections as the rest of us. You would deny them this because you are unable to tell the sheep from the wolves. You are also unable to differentiate between an inanimate object and the evil in the hearts of some men.

I would also like to point out that the Bataclan attack in Paris last year was carried out with AK-47 rifles and improvised explosives, both of which are completely illegal in France. Despite having some of the strictest gun laws in Europe and being surrounded by countries with similar laws, these terrorists were still able to obtain these items. Gun control DOES NOT work.

-Matt Wilbanks / Coos Bay

Bullard’s Beach Cleanup and No-Host BBQ

Please join Coos County Watchdog and the Coos County Chapter of Oregon III% for a beach cleanup and no-host BBQ at Bullard’s Beach State Park on Saturday June 25th beginning at 12 Noon.

We were recently informed that SOLVE has scheduled a beach cleanup at Bullard’s Beach on June 30th and has invited 22 European undergraduate students to attend. While we appreciate the efforts of SOLVE in cleaning up our beautiful state, local residents must take a personal interest in the health of our outdoor areas. The cleanliness of our beaches and forests is our responsibility, not that of foreigners.

We ask that all concerned residents of Coos County join us. Volunteers are asked to provide their own trash bags but several vehicles will be present to haul away the trash.

The no-host BBQ will commence as soon as the cleanup is complete. Grills and beverages will be provided, so please bring whatever you would like to eat.

All volunteers will meet at the East Picnic Shelter near the Boat Ramp and the BBQ will be held in the same location.

(This event will serve as our secondary monthly meeting)

Monthly Meeting on 6/9/2016

The Coos County Chapter of Oregon III% will holding a meeting at Coos Bay Fire Department located at 450 Elrod Ave. in Coos Bay on Thursday June 9th from 6:00-8:00 PM.

Rob Taylor from Coos County Watchdog has arranged for Teri Grier (write-in candidate for Oregon House District 9) to speak to our group. Rob writes:

“People who still believe in the US Constitution have a decent candidate to write-in for House district nine, Republican Teri Grier. She is relatively new to the state, but has shown a commitment to the community. Teri organized numerous candidate forums drawing in several governor and federal congressional candidates.

Unfortunately, one turncoat Republican, Dave Kronsteiner, who is the current Port Commission President for the Port of Coos Bay, is trying to win district nine for the Democratic Party by asking his family and friends to write-in “Caddy McKeown” for the Republican Party write-in candidate. His support of a big-government Democrat shows a deep betrayal to fellow Republicans, while projecting the continuing attitude of the county’s unelected Port Commissioners, who are better known locally as today’s equivalent of the “Old Boy’s Network.”

More reasons to write-in a legitimate fiscal conservative and Second Amendment supporter, Teri Grier. She will work to get the port under the authority of the voters again, so the people will no longer have to live under the misguided decisions of governor appointed lackeys.”

If Grier receives more write-in votes than any other candidate, she will oppose incumbent Caddy McKeown in the November election.

The III% concept is dedicated to the ideals of personal freedom, limited constitutional government and personal preparedness. We are neighbors helping neighbors and all members of the community are encouraged to join us. If you would like to find out more go to or search for Oregon III% on Facebook.