The Purge

This election cycle has been crazy from day one, but now it’s becoming downright cathartic. All of us with half a brain have known about the systemic corruption of our political and financial systems for a long time, we just haven’t been able to prove it beyond a reasonable doubt. But now, the closer we get to the election, the more dirt seems to leak out.

I titled this post after the movie series of the same name. In the movies, one day a year is reserved where all laws are repealed and the populace is allowed to act out their basest desires and instincts any way they want. Theft, murder, rape, it’s all legal for one day. Of course this is just Hollywood fantasy.

The purge we are now experiencing comes in a different form and tends to repeat itself every few hundred years when the people have finally had enough. The last few years have seen cracks finally starting to appear in the façade of our broken country. First Edward Snowden confirmed our worst fears about the modern surveillance state, then Wikileaks began dropping dirt on just about everyone. Mike Vanderboegh, the founder of the III% movement, was central to exposing the Fast & Furious scandal. Throughout all this, the people got more and more angry but the tension remained under the surface, none of the scandals becoming the “headshot” we needed.

Since the primary elections, things have ramped up to overdrive. Wikileaks has continued to provide almost weekly information dumps. Project Veritas (who broke the story of Planned Parenthood selling dead baby parts) has gone undercover among the DNC and SuperPacs supporting Hillary Clinton. Project Veritas latest undercover video contains footage of various Democratic political organizers claiming responsibility for inciting violence to shut down Donald Trump events.

Remember how the media tried to paint Trump as inciting violence with his rhetoric, trying to pin the protests on his racism and that of his supporters? Remember how they said Trump supporters were beating up people who disagreed with them? Project Veritas has now confirmed that the entire thing was a false flag, created by the modern day brown shirts ( of the DNC.

The entire video is pure gold, but I’d like to mention one part in particular. At 10:25 in the video, a woman by the name of Zulema Rodriguez admits to being the one who disrupted the Trump rally in Chicago that ended up being canceled due to violence as well as the blocking of the highway in Arizona during another Trump event.

This is bad enough, but guess what? She is on the payroll of Hillary’s campaign (Hillary for America), (George Soros) and the Stand Up for Ohio PAC. She also used to be an organizer for the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) making $85,000 per year. Here is the Federal Election Commission disbursement data showing exactly how much she was paid and by who.

Karl Denninger over at Market Ticker made a post about this whole mess yesterday. I would also recommend you go read the Reddit thread where this information first came out. There are tons of people on Reddit sifting through all this information that has been coming out, then doing their own research to tie all the threads together. Investigative journalism is just about dead in this country, but it has been replaced in the aggregate by thousands of individual researchers. It might not be as nice and clean as a Woodward & Bernstein article but damn if it isn’t effective.

Finally, I’d like to mention what is going on with Wikileaks. Most people know that Julian Assange (their founder) has been holed up in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London for years. Ecuador basically granted him political asylum, he can’t leave or he will be arrested (that’s a whole other story). Yesterday, his internet access was completely cut off. There is speculation it was done by some U.S. operative to shut him up, or possibly by Ecuador itself due to the pressure our government is putting on them. Assange has multiple contingency plans (aka “dead man switches”) where information he has will be automatically released in the event of his arrest or death. Just this morning a formerly hidden directory on Wikileaks web server became accessible to the public. No one is sure what this means, but the directory is full of tasty information that I’m sure will be combed over in the next few days.

The closer to the election we are, the crazier things get. Every day I look forward to the exposure of more corruption. Anyone who has read my posts knows I am no fan of Trump. I believe he is nothing but a populist candidate who does not support or even understand the U.S. Constitution. On the other hand, he has become what some have called a “weapon” to destroy the RNC and DNC, the means to murder the corruption. I just hope that after this purge, what we have isn’t replaced by something even worse.


The second video from Project Veritas was just released:

-Matt Wilbanks


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