The Art of Racial Division

In his newest edition of Firewall, Bill Whittle examines how the entire premise behind Black Lives Matter is a lie. It is a movement artificially created by Progressives, not to repair racial inequality as they claim, but to further divide us. The numbers speak for themselves, Blacks commit a larger percentage of crime than almost any other demographic, yet are killed by Police at a much lower rate than anyone else.

Of course, those on the left will claim that Blacks only commit more crime than whites because they have been oppressed and disenfranchised. This is true to a certain point, but what they forget to tell you is the oppression they are talking about has come almost exclusively from the Democratic Party. President Lyndon Johnson (who the left claims as a champion of civil rights) was once overheard telling a couple confidants, “I’ll have those niggers voting Democratic for 200 years.” There is some debate on whether he actually said it since the claim only came from a former steward on Air Force One, but it fits perfectly with many other racist comments he made.

The fact is, the Democratic Party and Progressives in general have been responsible for almost every racist or segregationist policy in American History. Democrats owned most of the slaves, Democrats were responsible for the Jim Crow laws (which gave us our first gun control laws, to deny Blacks the right of self defense), Democrats founded the KKK, Democrats voted heavily against the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments, and worst of all the Democratic Party are the champions of abortion which has killed approximately 16 million black children since 1973. For some perspective, the Black population of the U.S. is about 36 million.

Some will claim that the Democratic and Republican Parties “switched sides” sometime after the Civil War. I’m not going to get into this nonsense, I’ll just let Mr. Whittle explain again.


Now back to Black Lives Matter. With the above information, and knowing that most politicians (especially Democrats) are supreme narcissists, it becomes clear that movements like BLM are meant to divide rather than unite. You see that rather than being an organic movement of the people, it has been funded by people like George Soros and pushed by Loretta Lynch and our illustrious leader Barack Obama. To compare, look at the III%. It was founded by a man who recently passed away with nary a dime to his name. Sure, we may be fractured and discordant, but we are organic. Can you imagine us having a backer like George Soros?

Some people have countered by saying “All Lives Matter”. This is completely true (and about damn time people realized it) but BLM absolutely HATES it. Honesty of that sort takes away their grievance, and they can’t operate without grievances. The truth of the matter is that our Police forces have become very corrupt. Yes, cops arrest and shoot people for nonsense reasons sometimes. Yes, they are rarely held accountable (which is why I will never endorse the “thin blue line”), but they are also not some instrument of supreme evil that must be done away with completely. Cops used to be good, they used to enforce Constitutional laws. Unfortunately a decline in social morality has caused an institutional decline in Police morality. Police are people, they do what the people allow them to. I am not anti cop, I am anti corrupt cop. Rather than buying into racial division we need to address the greater problem of governmental immorality.

-Matt Wilbanks


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