Meeting on 7/14/2016

Sorry I didn’t get this posted earlier, it went out to the email list several days ago.

The III% Coos County Chapter will be having a meeting and free training class at the Coos Bay Library on July 14th At 6:30 pm

Topic Includes:
Sealing Mylar bags for long term food storage
Food drying.

All Coos County community members, veteran military, police, fire and EMS are encouraged to attend. All are welcome and encouraged to attend. Everyone has useful talents, experience, training and the time to contribute.

Our communities desperately need our citizens to preserve, protect and defend our Constitution from continued daily assaults. There’s not a moment to spare before our beloved country is driven totally into the ground. Even if you’ve never taken the oath, as an American, this means you. Let others know, then bring a couple of friends and we’ll see you there!

To learn more about Oregon III% visit us at You can also follow us on Facebook “Oregon III% Coos County Chapter.


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