Bullard’s Beach Cleanup and No-Host BBQ

Please join Coos County Watchdog and the Coos County Chapter of Oregon III% for a beach cleanup and no-host BBQ at Bullard’s Beach State Park on Saturday June 25th beginning at 12 Noon.

We were recently informed that SOLVE has scheduled a beach cleanup at Bullard’s Beach on June 30th and has invited 22 European undergraduate students to attend. While we appreciate the efforts of SOLVE in cleaning up our beautiful state, local residents must take a personal interest in the health of our outdoor areas. The cleanliness of our beaches and forests is our responsibility, not that of foreigners.

We ask that all concerned residents of Coos County join us. Volunteers are asked to provide their own trash bags but several vehicles will be present to haul away the trash.

The no-host BBQ will commence as soon as the cleanup is complete. Grills and beverages will be provided, so please bring whatever you would like to eat.

All volunteers will meet at the East Picnic Shelter near the Boat Ramp and the BBQ will be held in the same location.

(This event will serve as our secondary monthly meeting)


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