Back to Work

I’ve neglected this blog for several months but it’s time to get back to work. This remainder of this year will be one for the records given the current political climate. I have so many irons in the fire I doubt I will get one tenth of it done before something sets off. Initially I just wanted to use the blog as an alternate source of information about our meetings and such, but now I think it’s time to start putting some thoughts to (digital) paper.

Nothing is as important to our understanding of current events as past history. The more I read about different historical periods, people and events, especially their own written thoughts and motivations, the more I understand the saying of “everything you know is a lie”. Obviously that isn’t an axiom (some of the things you know are of course true) but it gives you a starting point to understanding that the history of mankind is one of greed and deception, punctuated by moments of truth and clarity from even the most heinous of sources. Historical figures you once respected turn out to be mere shadows of their reputations. Others who committed unspeakable evil sometimes speak unvarnished truth. As they say, “even a broke ass clock is right twice a day”. The thing I’ve finally realized is that you have to do your research, take nothing at face value, find the good in anything and throw away the rest.

For example, Teddy Roosevelt is one of our most fascinating Presidents. I have nothing but respect for his hard work and unstoppable willpower, but then you realize he was the beginning of the modern Progressive movement. He fully supported the type of social programs and expansionism that those on our side rightfully detest. Another example I was reading about last night is Andrew Jackson. His veto message against renewal of the Bank of the United States (the predecessor of the Federal Reserve) is one of the most amazing things ever written:

I urge every single one of you to read that message in it’s entirety. You will then understand why central banks are evil and why the Founders created three branches of government to act as checks against one another. His message demonstrates the ability of the one branch to cancel out an unconstitutional act of another. The three branches were not designed to “work together”, they were designed to nullify the actions of the others in any instance that was not in 100% compliance with the U.S. Constitution. If all three branches can’t agree that something is constitutional, then it shouldn’t be done in the first place.

After reading the veto message my respect for President Jackson was pretty high, that is until I read about some other things he had done. For instance, he believed that States did not have the right to secede (absolute nonsense and antithetical to everything his contemporaries fought for against the British). He was pro-slavery, which is of course something we try to explain to people these days about the Democratic Party. He was instrumental in the removal of Indian tribes from the South (including the Cherokee and the atrocity of the “Trail of Tears”). How could someone from the Party of Jefferson (in my view our greatest President) be so injurious to the freedoms of others?

The answer is actually quite simple, human nature. I as a Christian of course call it our “old sin nature”, but the term doesn’t matter. Man is inherently evil, period, end of story. If you believe different then you came to the wrong place. The history of man is one of constantly trying to provide checks and balances against the evil inside us. This is exactly why a person you respect so highly in one area can fail you completely in another. We are a race torn two different directions (and for those who never learned morals in the first place, pulled entirely in one direction). Our founding fathers understood this and created a government to combat our nature as much as possible. It is still the greatest experiment in human government ever devised, yet it still failed. Nothing we do or create can effectively check human nature forever.

I say all this to make one point about our current political situation. On the Democratic side we have one woman who is corrupt to the core, in bed with every special interest you can imagine and if elected will signal the real end of the “rule of law”. Her counterpart is an avowed Socialist who wants to transform this country into something completely unrecognizable, but at least he is honest about it.

On the Republican side we have a man who claims to be a strict Constitutionalist and champion of the conservative right, but his wife is bought and paid for by Goldman Sachs who are one of prime movers in our corrupt “banking” system. His father has also publically said that he believes his son is basically ordained by God to become President (lunatic alert!). He was also recently outed as supporting a government ban on sex toys (not my cup of tea but proof that he does not really support Rightful Liberty).

Finally, we have Donald Trump, the current darling of many in the Patriot movement. I’ll admit, the man talks an incredible game, but is it the real him? I think not, and his history proves it. The Donald is a businessman, but not the type of hard-working down-to-earth small business owner a lot of us would like to be. He inherited much of his fortune which he has invested in one business after another (including strip clubs in Las Vegas, so much for being a real Christian). The thing most people don’t realize is that many of his business ventures have been abject failures. How did he respond to these failures? He used our lax and corrupt bankruptcy laws to hoist his mistakes on his creditors and the general public. The man is a “crony capitalist” to his very core. More proof of this is the fact that he donates to any political party or candidate who will give him special treatment. He may technically be a “non-politician” and “Washington outsider” but he knows where his bread is buttered and fully supports the status quo. When questioned about the current hot topic, Transgender bathrooms, he said that people should use whichever bathroom they feel comfortable in. This is the man you expect to “make America great again”?

I am not here to tell anyone how to vote. Mr. Trump is easily the lesser of all the evils, but he is STILL EVIL. I keep hearing the argument that a vote for anyone but Trump is actually a vote for Hillary. This is the biggest lie ever told to the voters in this country. That belief is the exact reason why we are stuck with a party of pure evil (the Democrats) and another party of lesser evil (the Republicans). If they can keep you in constant fear of allowing someone you hate to get elected, then they have permanently bought your vote. All they have to do is be a little less evil than the other guy.

We are in for a political uprising this year that probably has not been seen since the 1820’s. No matter who you vote for, I ask that everyone remember who your friends and neighbors are. We may disagree on the finer points of this election cycle, but when the cards are down later this year, the people you choose to surround yourself with will be all you have to rely on. The III% concept is founded on friends helping friends to fight off tyranny. Build those relationships, prepare your families and be ready to stand at Concord Bridge when the new Redcoats come for you.


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