Updates and Range Day on 9/26/2015

Since we’ve been primarily using Facebook for communication this page hasn’t had much use. Unfortunately, I’m sick to death of relying on their system to get the word out. Facebook isn’t designed for what we have planned and they are not sympathetic to our cause. With that said, I will still post meeting times and events over there to give them the widest possible audience. This page will be under tighter control and include more informational, training & political posts. I will also have more control over who posts what and be able to keep out the trouble makers.

Our next event is a range day on Saturday 9/26/2015. It will be held on private property belonging to one of our members so this is only open to people who have attended our meetings before or who can be vouched for by someone we know. If you’d like to come, please respond below. The area is very secluded with a large hill as a backstop. Range is a max of about 25-35 yards which is just fine for pistols, shotguns and sighting in AR-15’s. We will have several portable targets but you are encouraged to bring your own, especially any steel or reactive targets. I will also have a couple 80% AR-15 lower receivers, a jig and tools available to examine for anyone interested in building their own. Everyone will be responsible to bring their own ammo, snacks and drinks. We will meet at the intersection of Highway 42 and Green Acres Lane at Noon then drive into the location.



**UPDATE 9/20/2015**   Here are the target stands I made for the range day. I already had the one on the right and slightly modified the design by closing the back end with a couple more elbows and another piece of pipe. Here is how to make these: Take a 10′ section of 1.5″ PVC. Cut it into four 16″ pieces and four 12″ pieces. You’ll need four 90 degree elbows and two T connectors. The 16″ pieces are for the front, back and the two rear legs. The 12″ pieces are for the two front legs and the two uprights. Buy a bunch of 2″x48″ garden stakes like the ones in the picture. Shove the stakes in the uprights and staple some cardboard between them. You might have to take your knife to the edges of the stakes to get them to drop in easily. The stakes cost .69 cents each so just thrown them away when they get too shot up. I don’t even glue mine together, they are sturdy enough as is. Total cost was around $12 each.


5 thoughts on “Updates and Range Day on 9/26/2015

  1. For anyone wanting to build a cheap, easy and durable target stand, take a look here: http://ingunowners.com/forums/general-firearms-discussion/72420-lightweight-pvc-target-stands.html. The one I built is almost exactly the same. You just jam two of the wooden 4 foot garden stakes in the vertical pipes and staple on some cardboard. If you don’t glue the center elbows it will let you fold the vertical sections down for easy storage. You can also fill the base with water or sand to give it some weight if it gets windy.


  2. Well we had a good day of shooting (all 5 of us). Got a couple new scopes sighted in and one of the guys shot an AR-15 for the first time. Somebody else decided it would be a good idea to shoot my PVC target stand. I’ll exact my revenge later. Hoping for a better turnout next time.


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