First Meeting

Anyone interested in joining the Coos County III Percent, please comment on this post with skills you would be willing to teach. We need volunteers with experience in military tactics, firearms, communications, medical care and anything related to survival or preparedness. Below is a list of types of classes that could be put on for members:

1. Basic firearms instruction & carry options

2. Small unit tactics (formations, ambushes, react to contact, etc.)

3. Home gunsmithing & reloading

4. CB/Ham/Shortwave radio

5. CPR/First Aid/Combat Lifesaver

6. Long term food storage (canning/mylar)

7. Water storage/Purification

8. Engineering/Fabrication (welding, carpentry, home workshop)

I’m putting together a list of people that are interested so please comment here if you want attend the meeting. I’m thinking a Saturday evening would probably be best. Once we get going the day can always be changed.


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