The Purge

This election cycle has been crazy from day one, but now it’s becoming downright cathartic. All of us with half a brain have known about the systemic corruption of our political and financial systems for a long time, we just haven’t been able to prove it beyond a reasonable doubt. But now, the closer we get to the election, the more dirt seems to leak out.

I titled this post after the movie series of the same name. In the movies, one day a year is reserved where all laws are repealed and the populace is allowed to act out their basest desires and instincts any way they want. Theft, murder, rape, it’s all legal for one day. Of course this is just Hollywood fantasy.

The purge we are now experiencing comes in a different form and tends to repeat itself every few hundred years when the people have finally had enough. The last few years have seen cracks finally starting to appear in the façade of our broken country. First Edward Snowden confirmed our worst fears about the modern surveillance state, then Wikileaks began dropping dirt on just about everyone. Mike Vanderboegh, the founder of the III% movement, was central to exposing the Fast & Furious scandal. Throughout all this, the people got more and more angry but the tension remained under the surface, none of the scandals becoming the “headshot” we needed.

Since the primary elections, things have ramped up to overdrive. Wikileaks has continued to provide almost weekly information dumps. Project Veritas (who broke the story of Planned Parenthood selling dead baby parts) has gone undercover among the DNC and SuperPacs supporting Hillary Clinton. Project Veritas latest undercover video contains footage of various Democratic political organizers claiming responsibility for inciting violence to shut down Donald Trump events.

Remember how the media tried to paint Trump as inciting violence with his rhetoric, trying to pin the protests on his racism and that of his supporters? Remember how they said Trump supporters were beating up people who disagreed with them? Project Veritas has now confirmed that the entire thing was a false flag, created by the modern day brown shirts ( of the DNC.

The entire video is pure gold, but I’d like to mention one part in particular. At 10:25 in the video, a woman by the name of Zulema Rodriguez admits to being the one who disrupted the Trump rally in Chicago that ended up being canceled due to violence as well as the blocking of the highway in Arizona during another Trump event.

This is bad enough, but guess what? She is on the payroll of Hillary’s campaign (Hillary for America), (George Soros) and the Stand Up for Ohio PAC. She also used to be an organizer for the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) making $85,000 per year. Here is the Federal Election Commission disbursement data showing exactly how much she was paid and by who.

Karl Denninger over at Market Ticker made a post about this whole mess yesterday. I would also recommend you go read the Reddit thread where this information first came out. There are tons of people on Reddit sifting through all this information that has been coming out, then doing their own research to tie all the threads together. Investigative journalism is just about dead in this country, but it has been replaced in the aggregate by thousands of individual researchers. It might not be as nice and clean as a Woodward & Bernstein article but damn if it isn’t effective.

Finally, I’d like to mention what is going on with Wikileaks. Most people know that Julian Assange (their founder) has been holed up in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London for years. Ecuador basically granted him political asylum, he can’t leave or he will be arrested (that’s a whole other story). Yesterday, his internet access was completely cut off. There is speculation it was done by some U.S. operative to shut him up, or possibly by Ecuador itself due to the pressure our government is putting on them. Assange has multiple contingency plans (aka “dead man switches”) where information he has will be automatically released in the event of his arrest or death. Just this morning a formerly hidden directory on Wikileaks web server became accessible to the public. No one is sure what this means, but the directory is full of tasty information that I’m sure will be combed over in the next few days.

The closer to the election we are, the crazier things get. Every day I look forward to the exposure of more corruption. Anyone who has read my posts knows I am no fan of Trump. I believe he is nothing but a populist candidate who does not support or even understand the U.S. Constitution. On the other hand, he has become what some have called a “weapon” to destroy the RNC and DNC, the means to murder the corruption. I just hope that after this purge, what we have isn’t replaced by something even worse.


The second video from Project Veritas was just released:

-Matt Wilbanks


The Art of Racial Division

In his newest edition of Firewall, Bill Whittle examines how the entire premise behind Black Lives Matter is a lie. It is a movement artificially created by Progressives, not to repair racial inequality as they claim, but to further divide us. The numbers speak for themselves, Blacks commit a larger percentage of crime than almost any other demographic, yet are killed by Police at a much lower rate than anyone else.

Of course, those on the left will claim that Blacks only commit more crime than whites because they have been oppressed and disenfranchised. This is true to a certain point, but what they forget to tell you is the oppression they are talking about has come almost exclusively from the Democratic Party. President Lyndon Johnson (who the left claims as a champion of civil rights) was once overheard telling a couple confidants, “I’ll have those niggers voting Democratic for 200 years.” There is some debate on whether he actually said it since the claim only came from a former steward on Air Force One, but it fits perfectly with many other racist comments he made.

The fact is, the Democratic Party and Progressives in general have been responsible for almost every racist or segregationist policy in American History. Democrats owned most of the slaves, Democrats were responsible for the Jim Crow laws (which gave us our first gun control laws, to deny Blacks the right of self defense), Democrats founded the KKK, Democrats voted heavily against the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments, and worst of all the Democratic Party are the champions of abortion which has killed approximately 16 million black children since 1973. For some perspective, the Black population of the U.S. is about 36 million.

Some will claim that the Democratic and Republican Parties “switched sides” sometime after the Civil War. I’m not going to get into this nonsense, I’ll just let Mr. Whittle explain again.


Now back to Black Lives Matter. With the above information, and knowing that most politicians (especially Democrats) are supreme narcissists, it becomes clear that movements like BLM are meant to divide rather than unite. You see that rather than being an organic movement of the people, it has been funded by people like George Soros and pushed by Loretta Lynch and our illustrious leader Barack Obama. To compare, look at the III%. It was founded by a man who recently passed away with nary a dime to his name. Sure, we may be fractured and discordant, but we are organic. Can you imagine us having a backer like George Soros?

Some people have countered by saying “All Lives Matter”. This is completely true (and about damn time people realized it) but BLM absolutely HATES it. Honesty of that sort takes away their grievance, and they can’t operate without grievances. The truth of the matter is that our Police forces have become very corrupt. Yes, cops arrest and shoot people for nonsense reasons sometimes. Yes, they are rarely held accountable (which is why I will never endorse the “thin blue line”), but they are also not some instrument of supreme evil that must be done away with completely. Cops used to be good, they used to enforce Constitutional laws. Unfortunately a decline in social morality has caused an institutional decline in Police morality. Police are people, they do what the people allow them to. I am not anti cop, I am anti corrupt cop. Rather than buying into racial division we need to address the greater problem of governmental immorality.

-Matt Wilbanks

They Can Stop the Signal, but Only if You Let Them

This is intended as a bit of a companion piece to my prior article, “A Matter of Principle”. In it, I identified what the Three Percent actually is. Now, it’s time to tell you how to protect the movement from people who would destroy it from the inside.

I ran across a post on The Silicon Greybeard titled, How the Tea Party Was Killed Off. The second paragraph, quoted from another article, really struck me:

“What began as an organic, policy-driven grass-roots movement was drained of its vitality and resources by national political action committees that dunned the movement’s true believers endlessly for money to support its candidates and causes. The PACs used that money first to enrich themselves and their vendors and then deployed most of the rest to search for more “prospects.” In Tea Party world, that meant mostly older, technologically unsavvy people willing to divulge personal information through “petitions”—which only made them prey to further attempts to lighten their wallets for what they believed was a good cause.”

This is an exact description of what is happening in the Three Percent right now. Big money, big business, big politics, corrupt people or those too stupid to understand an organic movement always try to co-opt it for their own benefit. We see this every day in business marketing. Executives will see something that grew organically, then find a way to steal it and make a profit. Most of the time, the soul of the thing is destroyed in the process.

Organic objects grow naturally, changing based on the nearly limitless inputs and constraints of their environment. For example, how the human brain actually works is nearly incomprehensible to us. When we try to duplicate it mechanically it ends up hollow and a mere shadow of the real thing.

Like I mentioned before, there are hundreds if not thousands of “Three Percent” groups on Facebook or with their own websites. Every time I run across a new one I like to take a look around and see whether they are following the Three Percent Catechism, if they are soliciting donations and what those donations are used for. Honestly, if a group is asking for donations, they need to be providing a 100% honest accounting of where it came from and what it was spent on. If not, you end up with situations like the one in the linked article where the largest supposed Tea Party groups were only spending 10-13% of their donations advancing their stated goals. The rest of the money went to pay consultants, vendors and inflated salaries. As a general rule, our local group does not request donations without providing something in return. In those cases, the money is more of a “pay what you will” for the training and events we provide. We are not in the habit of preying on people’s fears then using their money to line our pockets. Hell, our entire fund contains about $200 right now.

The second thing mentioned above is the seeking of “prospects”. Many people like to call organizations like the NRA and Oathkeepers, “T-Shirt Clubs”. Now, there is nothing wrong with selling support gear itself. It can be an honest way to generate funds and promote your cause. The problem comes when people who buy a shirt or a patch are conned into thinking they are somehow “part of the cause”. These are generally the type of people who constantly post patriotic meme’s online, but never get off their butt to attend an event or actually contribute. Now, I’m not disparaging those who are physically incapable of doing more, sometimes money and moral support is all they can provide. I’m talking about the arm-chair warriors. Predatory organizations literally feed off these type of people. They get to count them as a “member” and spend their donations, while the member gets to feel like he belongs. If you’ve ever watched a televangelist, you know the type. It’s about the money, not the message.

As a counter point to this, our group is incredibly exclusive. When we started out I was trying to get every person I could to show up at meetings. After a while I realized that when you cast a wide net, you end up with all kinds of fakers, lunatics, power mongers and generally lazy people. We still hold public meetings, generally to provide some type of needed training or political action in the community. At every meeting we typically end up with a few new faces. Sometimes they come back, sometimes they don’t. From this group of regulars it’s fairly easy to figure out who the serious ones are. Those people end up being recruited to the inner circle. From this, we end up with a two pronged approach:

  1. Public meetings to spread the Three Percent principles as well as providing valuable preparedness training and political action for the general public.
  2. Using the public meetings to recruit for our smaller exclusive group, in accordance with the cellular structure that is core to the movement.

I talked a bit in the last article about building “tribe”. Our exclusive group is just that, people who share core beliefs and consider each other family. We may call ourselves “Coos County III Percent”, but that’s only because we were the first group in the area. The Three Percent concept is dependent on having thousands of other small groups all across the nation. I would be elated if more groups were created right here in my own county. I don’t need to be involved in them or have any say in what they do. As long as they stick to the principles of the Three Percent Catechism they are helping not only themselves but the rest of us by association.

To anyone reading I would ask this. Start your own group or join a small local one that seems to be on the right path. If you must donate to a larger group, make sure your hard earned money is spent wisely and accounted for properly. Do not provide assistance to any Three Percent group that does not follow the principles of the Catechism. In fact, do everything in your power to change their course. If they refuse to change, warn others to avoid them.

The Three Percent is much like a political version of a Church. The Church is not the foundation, the walls, or the roof, it is the PEOPLE. Two people meeting in secret in the woods, yet following the proper principles is a more true thing than 1,000 meeting in a fancy building but not knowing why they are there.

Don’t let them stop the signal.

-Matt Wilbanks

A Matter of Principle

On August 10th, Mike Vanderboegh, the man who single-handedly founded the Three Percent movement, passed away after his second bout with cancer. While we mourn his passing, I’m reminded that our success or failure cannot and should not depend on one man, or on man at all. Herschel Smith over at Captain’s Journal probably said it best about Mike, “I’ve heard it said that such-and-such a man had “redeeming qualities.”  Hogwash.  Men don’t have redeeming qualities.  Men are themselves redeemed, or they are lost.”

So how is a man redeemed? In my and Herschel’s opinion, by the principles set down by our creator and taught by Jesus Christ. John Adams said, “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” Whether you believe our moral principles come from God or are inherent in nature, we find that “principle” is more important than “man”. Too many people in the world buy into the “cult of personality” of a particular individual then end up sorely disappointed when that person can’t live up to expectations. The lesson we have to learn is that man will always fail you, while principle will see you through. The great thing about Mike was that he understood this, and explicitly laid out the principles of the Three Percent. That way we had a guide in case he failed us or wasn’t around any longer.

A Brief Three Percent Catechism — A discipline not for the faint-hearted.

Valediction of a Three Percenter by Mike Vanderboegh

I am by nature a contrary type of person. When I see something that is wrong, I am obliged to call the person or group on it, no matter if they are friend or foe. This has gotten me into hot water with plenty of friends. It’s easy to disagree with enemies, but when you stick to principle with your friends, expect to lose some. Since my involvement in the Three Percent, I’ve consistently run into people who claim to be one but have never heard of Mike Vanderboegh, or more seriously, refuse to understand and abide by our principles. I’ve told several people that behaving this way is much like calling yourself a Christian while refusing to believe that Jesus Christ died for our sins and was risen again. If you fail to follow our principles, you are NOT a Three Percenter, end of story.

I’ve also encountered this type of behavior with people outside our movement, but ones who still claim to “patriots” and respect the Constitution. The most recent disagreement, with both a supposed Three Percent group as well as a friend, was whether a person has the right burn or otherwise deface the American Flag. How do we determine whether a person has the right to perform any particular action? Thomas Jefferson put it most eloquently when he said…

“…rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will, within the limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others. I do not add ‘within the limits of the law’; because law is often but the tyrant’s will, and always so when it violates the right of an individual.”

Put more simply, a person has the right to do whatever they want unless it directly interferes with the right of another person to do whatever they want. It’s really a very simple principle and can be applied to any situation. Can a person murder? No, because that interferes with another’s right to life. Can a person kidnap or exert undue control? No, because that interferes with their right to liberty. Can a person steal? No, because that interferes with their right to property. Can a person burn an American Flag as long as it actually belongs to them? Yes, because no matter how much you or I disagree with it, burning a flag does not damage your rights one single bit. The flag itself is the perfect representation of principle. The flag itself is nothing but a piece of cloth, only what it stands for is important. Destroying the object does not destroy the principle. People who get all indignant about flag burning are trying to protect the wrong thing. They worry about the object while destroying the principle.

And before anyone uses the same tired old argument, yes, I served in the military. Just because you did too doesn’t mean you can get on your high horse and proclaim, “you must not have served so your opinion on the flag doesn’t matter.” I signed on the dotted line and took the Oath just like the rest of you, and I will defend a person’s right to free speech and expression to my dying breath.

See how this always comes back to principle? Your feelings about someone burning the flag do not matter, only the principle does. When you ignore that principle because you don’t like what someone is doing, you’re not only damaging their rights, you’re damaging yours as well and setting a very dangerous precedent.

This all brings me back to what it means to be a Three Percenter. There are hundreds (possibly thousands) of groups, large and small, out there who say they are Three Percenters. They claim authority over others, post lots of patriotic memes and slogans, and generally put on a good show of things. Some may even be relatively squared away, but that doesn’t make you a Threeper.

One of Mike V’s primary goals was to counter the ineffectiveness of the early 1990’s militia movement. He was present and participated in many groups during that time, and he came to realize that most of them were authoritarian top-down organizations run by self-appointed “Colonels” and “Generals” who were motivated by their own self-interest. They also had the serious problem of being easily infiltrated by whack-jobs and government agents.

The Three Percent was designed with small groups of people in mind, people who intimately know one another, making them mostly impervious to infiltration. It was also designed in a cellular structure with no one group having authority over another. If a group sticks to the Threeper principles, then another group can easily identify them as people they might be willing to work with. There is no need for top-down control, eliminating the infighting and disenfranchisement that always occurs in larger groups. The larger and more centralized something is, the more easily it is destroyed. Like it or not, terrorist organizations all over the world learned this lesson many years ago. They are so hard to beat because there is no head to cut off. We cannot allow ourselves to stoop to their immorality, but good strategy is good strategy.

Holding the Standard in the Three Percent

The Myth of the National Three Percent Organization

I would never claim that our local group is some shining star example of how to run things. We have had false starts, betrayals, reorganizations, and on and on and on. I always try to tell people in our group that I’m only in charge because I was the first one to step up. I have no actual authority other than what they give me. If they want me gone, all they have to do is ask. Our core group is comprised of just a few diehards who all agree on what it is we stand for. If you don’t agree with our principles, it doesn’t mean you’re wrong, you’re simply not part of our “tribe”. John Mosby over at Mountain Guerrilla writes a lot on what “tribe” means and why it is so important. In this day and age of diversity, so many people are losing sight of what makes them unique and what makes others part of their family.

Welcome to the Horde!

Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

Jack Donovan’s blog is also a great source of info regarding tribalism.

Jack Donovan – Masculinity and Tribalism

All this boils down to being able to identify people and groups who share your own beliefs. If you stand up for the principles of the Three Percent, you are one of us. If you don’t, you’re not. When trying to determine if someone or something is what it say it is, take a look at their actions and the fruits of those actions. Do they do what they say they are going to do? Do they actually follow their professed moral code? Don’t just fall in with a group because they claim to be something, make sure they really are.

Matthew 7:16-20 King James Version (KJV)
16 Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles?
17 Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit.
18 A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit.
19 Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire.
20 Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.


-Matt Wilbanks

Is Hillary Guilty?

By now most of us have digested the recent decision by the Department of Justice and the FBI not to indict Hillary Clinton for felony mishandling of classified information. Anyone with a lick of intelligence knew that she was guilty after hearing the first few minutes of FBI Director James Comey’s presentation. Bill Whittle lays it out even more plainly in the above video.

The fact that the second charge includes a complete bar from holding any office of The United States is the most salient point. Whether they charge her or not, Hillary Clinton is guilty of the crime and is therefore ineligible to hold the office of President of the United States. Period, end of story. The evidence is as plain as the nose on your face.

Anyone who has talked to me knows I am no supporter of Donald Trump. He is easily the least evil candidate of the two, but I don’t believe he is what he appears to be, therefore I will not vote for him. Each of us has to make the same moral decision and I know many of you will vote for him just to keep the most evil woman in America away from the Presidency.

The real issue is, what if Hillary wins anyway? This government is already something like 90% illegitimate and you will then be stuck with a 100% illegitimate President. We’ve argued for 8 years about whether Obama was actually eligible to be president, but no one could come up with a smoking gun to put him down. This IS the smoking gun against Hillary. If she wins and is allowed to take office, The United States of America is officially dead.

Meeting on 7/14/2016

Sorry I didn’t get this posted earlier, it went out to the email list several days ago.

The III% Coos County Chapter will be having a meeting and free training class at the Coos Bay Library on July 14th At 6:30 pm

Topic Includes:
Sealing Mylar bags for long term food storage
Food drying.

All Coos County community members, veteran military, police, fire and EMS are encouraged to attend. All are welcome and encouraged to attend. Everyone has useful talents, experience, training and the time to contribute.

Our communities desperately need our citizens to preserve, protect and defend our Constitution from continued daily assaults. There’s not a moment to spare before our beloved country is driven totally into the ground. Even if you’ve never taken the oath, as an American, this means you. Let others know, then bring a couple of friends and we’ll see you there!

To learn more about Oregon III% visit us at You can also follow us on Facebook “Oregon III% Coos County Chapter.

This is Exactly What They Want

After the murder of 5 police officers in Dallas on Thursday night, I’ve been trying to collect my thoughts into a coherent description of the situation we find ourselves in. The conclusion I’ve come to is that both sides of this fiasco have been well-orchestrated by those who seek to destroy this country and the principles of “Liberty” and “Rule of Law” it was founded on.

When Barack Obama said he wanted to “fundamentally change” the United States, he wasn’t just speaking for himself but for many different groups who absolutely hate what we stand for. We have been fighting a culture war since the Civil War, a war which became worse after the Progressive movement of the early 1900’s and worse again after the Civil Rights movement was co-opted and began being used to destroy the Black family and eventually return us all to slavery.

Rather than uniting us all under the banner of liberty, they have turned every individual group into grievance mongers. The destruction of the Black family has created legions of fatherless thugs who lie, steal, cheat and kill all because they were never held to any higher standards and have been taught that it is all “part of the game”. They see anyone who gets in their way as the enemy and because of our destruction of the school system, lack the education to understand their situation or pull themselves out of it. They are modern Neanderthals, not because of their race, but because the principles we have taught them cannot create anything else.

The police, much like the Black family, were once an honorable institution. Police were taught not only the “letter of the law” but the “spirit of the law”. They understood that the Rule of Law meant everything that applied to the citizens also applied to them. The ones who didn’t understand this were kept in check by the standards set for them by their community and the watchful eye of their brother Officers.

The past 100 years has seen both the destruction of the family unit and the corruption of our law enforcement agencies. When young Black thugs cause problems for the rest of society, the natural reaction of the police is to go out and crack some skulls. When law enforcement agencies stop enforcing standards and allow their Officers to beat on or kill people for nonsense reasons what do you expect is going to happen between these two groups?

The Black Lives Matter movement is so blinded by their own racism and hatred of police their only response is, “pigs in a blanket, fry them like bacon”. The police on the other hand play right into this because instead of charging their corrupt Officers with a crime, as would happen to anyone else, they hide behind the “thin blue line” and absolve themselves with an internal investigation. Meanwhile, we all choose sides based upon our preconceived notions and ignore the fact that all of this hatred has been caused by evil from both sides. It’s like a husband and wife who are both massively overweight, yet each continues to eat voraciously while wondering why the other person can’t get their shit together.

All I keep hearing from the Black side of the equation is excuses why it’s the police’s or the white man’s fault they act like they do. From the police side it’s nothing but blaming the Blacks for acting like thugs and saying they would treat them fairly if only they could behave. This never ending spiral of blame has now spilled over to every other subsection of our society. Each racial group blames the others and the police corruption ends up affecting not only the God-given rights of Blacks, but every other citizen. We have destroyed the foundations of a moral society and can’t for the life of us figure out why it’s all going wrong. Albert Einstein once said the definition of insanity was doing the same thing over and over again yet expecting a different outcome.

Until moral standards of conduct are returned to both sides of the equation, standards which must be enforced by each and every one of us without consideration of race or position, the war will only continue to get worse. Given the speed with which things are progressing this summer I fear it is already too late. If you really want to fix things, make sure your own house is in order. To all parents, raise your children to be responsible for themselves and hold them to it. If they act like thugs it is your fault. To the police, look at the immoral laws you are enforcing and the unacceptable tactics you are using. Go to your commanders and your legislators and let them know that you will no longer be their attack dog.

What you see happening now is that fundamental change Barack Obama was talking about. It’s been coming for a long time, but only now are they starting to admit it. Stop playing their game, it’s exactly what they want.

Matt Wilbanks